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Ljubljana Tourism introduced payment with Alipay app for Chinese tourists

Now Chinese guests can use for payment the popular mobile app Alipay at the Tourist Information Centre and the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre in Ljubljana.

Chinese tourists are the biggest consumers

According to the UNWTO data Chinese tourists are the biggest consumers. In 2017, according to its research, they spent almost 258 billion US dollars (followed by US citizens with 135 billion and Germans with slightly over 89 billion US dollars). Visits of Chinese tourists are also on the increase in Ljubljana (in the last five years the number of visitors to Tourist Information Centre and Slovenian Tourist Information Centre has increased by 300%). Through agencies and tour operators Ljubljana Tourism is addressing the so-called FIT guests (fully independent traveller) – visitors with higher education and consumption who are organising their trips themselves and are enthusiastic about adventures, culture and tradition.

As increasing visitors’ consumption is one of the key strategic goals of Ljubljana Tourism, it is working with the Alipay partner in Slovenia, the company AI-SI Global and is the first local tourist organisation in Slovenia to set up payment points for the mobile application Alipay at its tourist and information centres, anticipating to increase sales and the satisfaction of Chinese customers. Namely, Chinese visitors have trouble paying with their bank cards abroad and favour paying (at home, as well) with the mobile app.

Apart from that Alipay is a good marketing channel which Ljubljana Tourism intends to use for the promotion of adventures and services, and their services already include a guided tour and promotional materials in the Chinese language.

What is Alipay?

Alipay is a digital payment method, part of the Alibaba group and the biggest web store in the world. In addition, Alipay is also the most popular payment method in China and has over 800 million active users. In China most of payment transactions are performed with Alipay. Now, for the first time it is also available in Slovenia, so the Chinese can make payments using this wide spread payment method. They can use it in stores, restaurants and museums. The best way for providers to reach Chinese consumers is to enable payment with Alipay. In addition, Alipay is a great marketing channel for Slovenian local companies and organisations as it makes them visible to the Chinese consumers visiting Slovenia.

The great advantage of Alipay is that Chinese consumers can pay in their own currency (RMB) while the provider of services or goods receives payment in euro without taking foreign exchange risks. The company AI-SI Global can integrate the Alipay app at the payment point without accessing the cash register, and so the integration is quick and simple. Customers perform payments by scanning the static QR code at the point of sale and providers receive payments to their business accounts.