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Travel Press Slovenia has launched new website

Travel Press Slovenia has launched a new website since the old one will soon reach the first decade of launching; besides the association has recently changed its name. The aim of the new site is to raise awareness of our association and numerous activities we are organizing. Thus, on our website we will publish news about our association’s activities, articles and travelogues from our study tours, both the ones published in other media by our members as well as those written specially for our website. The website is an open medium, where our members will be able to publish their features, stories and travel reports, which may be very welcome first of all for freelancers that nowadays have limited possibilities for publishing. Gradually the content of our website will be richer for numerous features and travelogues that have been created in many recent years and published on our old webpage, since our air is to create a unique archive of Slovenian travel journalism.  Since our members – journalists follow the Slovenian and international tourism and travel industry the website contains also news about tourism in Slovenia and the world. By launching the new website the association Travel Press Slovenia will be more present also in social media – Facebook and Instagram.

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