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Drago Bulc re-elected for the President of the Slovenian Travell Press

At the Annual General Meeting of Slovenian Travel Press (STP) Drago Bulc has been re-elected for the President, in the Executive Committee have been elected Marjana Grčman (TV Slovenia), Peter Irman (freelance photographer), Jože Jerman (many years Journalist at daily newspaper Večer), Maja Oven (Editor of the magazine BTC Vodnik), for Secretary General Cveta Potočnik (many years Journalist at Radio Slovenia) and Maja Zagoričnik (Chief editor at GTV – Gorenjska televizija).

Drago Bulc has been re-elected for the President of STP

Drago Bulc believes that the mission of Slovenian Travel Press is also in the coming years the development of tourism in Slovenia. Study tours will focus on tourist less developed regions, which due to their potentials deserve more attention from the media in order to achieve more recognition in the media and public.

Drago Bulc, President of STP, Cveta Potočnik, Secretary General of STP, Franc Potočnik, Sašo Dravinec (chairing the meeting) and Peter Močnik

STP will be also active in the field of education of its members, be it to gain new skills needed for journalistic work and publishing, also in new media, as well for the coverage of tourism as a world phenomenon.  According to Drago Bulc it is encouraging, that in recent years the interest to join the association has increased significantly, especially among younger journalists and contributors to different online media, which is a proof, that the activities of the association are being recognized in public as well as in professional touristic circles.

Voting for the working plan for the Year 2019

Let our voice be more heard

On the initiative of Franc Kranjc from the Slovenski Utrip at the Annual General Meeting it has been decided that in April a round table will be organised to discuss the actual situation in the Slovenian press, also in the travel press. The ownership structure of the Slovenian hotel companies will also be addressed. The state is still an important owner of the Slovenian hotels, in the phase of privatisation process different concepts are discussed and we are witnessing many antagonistic interests.